About Chris

Welcome to A Whole Natural Me! I will be real and I will be whole and I hope you will find a whole natural you.

Chris has a story

I grew up as a military kid predominately in Europe. Having lived all over the world and going to so many schools, it was hard for me to identify with one place or even one identity. I struggled to “fit in” and never felt like I belonged. After about two years somewhere, I felt the urge to move on. I needed an adventure or new experiences to keep me interested. I never made friends, I made “acquaintances” and moved on.

Unfortunately, that lifestyle isn’t always feasible and I needed a new way to find peace. I went on a journey to discover myself and becoming a better me a confident, wholehearted me. I figured if I could find happiness with myself and a wholehearted contentment, then I could quit running from the world and face anything and anyone with confidence. I have spent years on this journey and will continue to balance myself and find peace within and without.

What can I share with you

Finding your wholehearted self is difficult and emotional. I want to help you along your journey by simplifying some of the work. I want you to become a happier natural wholehearted version of yourself. I would like you to stand out as a confident, wholehearted, and independent person. Ready to see the world and be seen.

I want to help you feel like you can be a part of this world and still be yourself without compromising or having negative impacts on the people or the world around you. Being happy with your appearance is an integral part of this journey. It is easy to say, ” I don’t care what people think” or “Screw their opinions” but if we are honest, we do care and being confident outwardly while still being true to yourself is a huge step. I have gone from goth to au naturale and finally found happiness in organic skin care.

My Goal

At A Whole Natural Me, it is my goal to make you the best you can be NATURALLY!

We have been exposed by so much social media and what it considers to be beautiful that we spend billions of dollars on cosmetics that are really doing nothing but harming ourselves and our environment. Making the switch to organic skin care can help your skin because your skin will not be fed harmful chemicals. For instance, skin problems such as acne, dermatitis, irritations and skin allergies may disappear once synthetic ingredients are removed from your skin care regimen. I have tried multiple products and will share my ideas with you. I want everyone to feel happy in their own skin.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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